Something not gaming or art related but sort of maybe anyways a little - Snip and sketch

Was that wordy enough? Ooops! I was about to use snip and sketch to capture a really cool screenshot yesterday and realized that Windows broke the tool with a recent update.

Resetting the app didn't work. Un-installing and re-installing the app didn't work.  Notifications were already on. I tried to turn them off and back on. Nope. PC had been restarted. Nope, not working.

Okay, Corisu, you might say, how in the world of Norrath does the snip and sketch tool bug apply to gaming?

Since whenever I started using it, I found it a bit more handy than just using screen shots and having to edit those anyways.It is quite useful for when I want to capture something in game for either social media, the blog or whatever.

I don't know why I started using it, I think it was some tech issue and they wanted me to use that tool to capture whatever it was.

So back to the topic at hand.... Then I decided to try a different snip option. I think it was the full-screen one.

Oh boy. Computer froze, like Antarctica frozen wouldn't be enough to describe it, couldn't even open task manager. Imagine very angry Corisu face.

Well, I managed to log out of my user though somehow and choose restart from the menu there). I know the button on the computer would work too ok, but I didn't feel like using that one... and then.... Snip and Sketch tool worked again. Uh ok.
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