Studio morning at the drafting table

It's early morning here. Not feeling the greatest but decided to at least look at my planners while at the drafting table. 

Before I know it, Antonio decides to jump up on the laptop table. He looks over at the drafting table where I'm at.

He looks disapprovingly at the corner where I have books and papers stacked up. He looks at me, looks at the drafting table, and looks at me again.

I move books and papers so that he can lay down there if he wants. I look over at Antonio, giving him a look to say okay is that's good enough?

He plans his jump, he's not very stealthy, and the jump isn't very far. He promptly proceeds to jump and then lay down on the drafting table. 

Antonio the studio helper rescue cat

He stays on there for quite a while, until he senses I'm starting to feel quite a bit better. Then he jumps off and goes to lay by the vent still being in the studio.

Antonio is one of our four kitties and quite the studio helper.


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