The North Swedish Horse That Forever Changed My Life for the Better

True story.

When I was about 4 years old or so, I rode a horse for the first time and her name was Gullan. Riding a horse was a life-altering, earth shattering zen-like experience. You know, as if you had a geyser of pure energy inside of you, just passion and happiness radiating through your system. Click to tweet this!

North Swedish Horse

This is not the horse in particular but it was the closest I could find for a photo I could use. This is a gelding, the horse I talk about was a mare. As I recall, she also had a more golden color than this horse does. She was a flaxen chestnut (chestnut with golden blonde mane). Photo Courtesy: Hanna V (Wiki Commons).

The couple who owned the horse were relatives of ours. They had a small farm and a North Swedish horse (draft horse type), called Gullan. My mom said we visited them a few times.

I remember standing there next to this wonderful, kind woman and watch in complete awe as her husband led the horse. I was shy and quiet, so when she said to her husband, "I think the little girl would like to ride the horse," I just beamed from ear to ear. I nodded as he asked me "Do you want to ride the horse?"

And they lifted me up on the horse. As I recall no one was really holding on to me at all, but maybe they did (not that it mattered to me anyways lol). I just remember sitting on this warm beautiful being, watching her gorgeous blond mane as I think I was lightly holding on to the mane.

I remember how it felt like when she walked, it was the most awesome thing in the world and felt so natural to me. I remember clearly feeling and thinking, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I hope you enjoyed going on this journey of remembrance with me.

What is a positive memory that has impacted you in your life?

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