The Return of the Studio Vault

I've been trying to look into a way to offer some of my older works and originals. With the current setup of my store, listing items there doesn't seem like a possibility.

The setup might change, but for now, I've decided to start up the studio vault as a blog. At the moment, it seems to be a possible solution for selling studies and older works.


If you have followed my work for even a bit, you know every now and then I mention this series I'm working on. Well it is more complicated than just finding reference images.

I need to combine any I find and I really need to try and capture the ideas that have been floating around my head for a couple of years now.

This also means that I need to spend more time learning and improving particular aspects of art.

I need a simple and practical solution for listing older works, studies etc, as mentioned earlier. Enter the studio vault blog.

How it would work: 

  • When you see an item on the studio vault blog that you wish to make an offer on, simply contact us via the contact link or reply to any of the newsletters.
  • Be sure to provide the blog post url and a brief description of the item.

The extra blog is up for a limited time, how limited, remains to be seen. 

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