The terrific Tuxie - excellent studio helper

I'm working on concept sketches for the new drawing series today. I will be sharing some more pictures of artworks in progress at a later time. 

Today I really wanted to feature Tuxie. She is helping me to get a lot done today. I slept badly again and wasn't going to be able to get much of anything done. Then, there she is!

Tuxie the studio helper Kanweienea Kreations

Love this girl, such an amazing studio helper. She notices I step in the studio for maybe thirty seconds and she has used the "kitty teleportation ability" and is on McFluff.

She makes me feel better, she motivates and inspires me and if I get up from the drafting table or think about stepping out of the studio, I get a disapproving look lol.

She is nicknamed Boss Kitty for a reason 😻😻😻😻😻!

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