The Tranquility of The Ocean

Imagine you are sitting comfortably on a sandy beach. As you look around you notice beautiful sand shells along that very beach. You can hear and feel the sand grains doing that little crinkle noise as you happily stretch your legs out into the sand.

You hear the sounds of the ocean waves rolling in and the playful sounds of dolphins in the far beyond. As you look around you find this perfect sand shell, like as if it was made just for you. You pick it up in your hands, hold it for a while and admire its beauty.

My love of the ocean was a major source of inspiration for this drawing. For several years now, we no longer live close to an ocean and lakes are too far away.

I miss the sound and smell of the ocean. When I lived in Hawaii, there were many times I would just sit at the beach late at night. Looking out towards the horizon, just enjoying being in the moment.

The sounds of the crashing waves, the playful and delightful sounds of the dolphins and the salty ocean smell would bring me peace.

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