This should be fast... right?


Last week I started re-arranging the studio a bit. I thought it would take me ten minutes...

During the day I had thought of different ways to switch it up and make it more functional.

Later, I couldn't resist just starting on it. After all, it would just take me ten minutes, right?

Except. Oh that didn't fit there. And that thing over there? Oooh that fits over here, but what about what was there already? 

It was about two hours later (okay, fine, maybe 3) that things were moved around and set up fairly well.

Then the next day I sit down to work and go, where the HELL are my (gel pens, extra pencils, post it notes, drafting tape etc.).

And COME ON. I have to go get the cart to get the ONE pencil I needed?

Yeah it's a work in process... and I do have a good amount of art supplies.

PS. If you would like to read more about what art supplies I use, you can check out this blog post I wrote whenever I first got the Lyra pencils : New art supplies - Lyra pencils!

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