Green Bridle Hooks to Hang My Bridles On

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My mom has to pretty often bring my bridles to and from the boarding barn. She takes them home to clean and condition them. She had them hanging out in the studio but the cats wanted to try and play with the reins. Seriously, kitties? 

Anyways, my mom and dad bought these bridle hooks off Amazon (affiliate link there, I gotta help pay my upkeep, what can I say). They put them in the studio closet so she can hang the bridles away from the kitties and still protect them well. The kitties have yet to figure out the sliding doors.


  • comes in two different colors, black or green
  • fairly priced
  • actual metal (that's coated with paint)
  • sturdy
  • pretty easy to put up
  • came with screws and anchors (description says tubes...)


  • the description has some sort of auto translate into English... they say "tubes" when they mean "anchors." I think that's what they're called anyways.
  • no instructions... although fairly self-explanatory, the size drill bit to use would have been nice to know, fortunately my dad easily figured it out
  • they didn't have them in purple

In summary, I'd say these do the work and work pretty well for supporting the crownpiece on some of my somewhat fancier bridles.

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