Posture Prep Groomer - First Impressions

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My mom recently got this new curry comb/deshedder for me. She likes to get little brushes for me, and I try to show her which ones I like and which ones are merely okay.

It's called Posture Prep and it actually works quite well. I'm happy she got it. I'll write more another day on it. I know, it's not purple (that would have been perfect though!).

Posture Prep Curry Comb Deshedder Massager

I'll write more on this another day and perhaps link one of my TikTok videos. I've been very muddy lately and it's shedding season too!

PS. My mom tried to figure out how to set my name as the author name for this, but I guess she can't with the current website. That's alright, you know she's just helping me type :).

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