Yggdrasil My Horse

Hey guys,

hope all is well with everyone. I realized I hadn't posted in a while, so wanted to post. Yggdrasil is doing well.

He's been putting on more weight (and a lot of winter floof!). With new owners at the barn, things are starting to get better, but there is of course a lot of commotion with things getting improved as well as the whole thing with stuff getting moved around. 

He seems pretty ulcer prone, so we try to make sure he gets enough hay, as well as his supplements. He's had some time off riding and we've done lots of groundwork.

I do have to mention though guys, today they had a tractor parked in the indoor arena (uh). Yggdrasil was super good about it though, he couldn't care less lol.

He's very photogenic, so I created a notebook featuring his gorgeous thoroughbred self.

Until next blog post.

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