The Marwari Horse - Mini Treasures #38

It's a very cold day here again. Although I usually just drink my mocha cold, preferably frappucino style, today, this artist made some warm mocha. Yep yep. 

I'm deciding whether to keep the mini treasures project daily or not daily and if a limited amount. For the past week or so I forgot about the project even. With trying to streamline the studio business so that we are on one site, thus allowing me more time to focus on my craft, I've had more listings and such to do.

That being said, today I did create mini treasures #38, an ACEO sized pen drawing of a Marwari horse. The Marwari horse is a rare horse breed from India. The ears curl inward at the tip and it's natural gait is called the rehwal.

Marwari Horse ACEO original art - Gunilla Wachtel

Yep, I took the picture, posted it and.... realized I'd written the wrong date on there..... so I took a new picture.

The art prints from the studio have returned to the site. For now, we are only doing 8 x 10 inches prints (on 8.5 x 11 inch paper). At some later time we might create ACEO prints. I prefer to not enlarge the ACEO originals to that print size since it could lose some of the detail quality. So for now you can only buy originals of the ACEO cards.

There are more ACEOs that I need to get listed. I'm trying to get caught up on listing them so that I can start listing the mini treasures ones.

If there is a particular type of horse breed you would like to see drawn more of, let me know in comments. 

Have a great day!

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