Studio Friday

When listing some more of the ACEO cards yesterday I was trying to go through, I decided to just gift some of them to our boys. They have always loved my artwork and whenever I give them paintings or ACEO cards, even as a just because gift, they really appreciate it. Here is a picture of some of those ACEO cards. If you want any similar ACEO cards made, let me know in comments.

Some of my ACEO cards - Gunilla Wachtel

Some of the ACEO cards I decided to give to our kids.

I also wanted to share with you a picture I took of Tuxie and Blazey the other day. I thought it was too cute! They were like little studio guardians and they sure wanted me to get in there and get some work done. (Obviously, I soon after did go to get some work done. After all, who can resist that epic kitty cuteness?).

Studio Guardians Tuxie and Blazey - Kanweienea Kreations Studio

The studio guardians Tuxie and Blazey.

Hopefully you have warmer and better weather than we do here. I much prefer the tropical weather, and no matter what anyone might say, I think Cleo would love it too. Newfoundland dogs do live in Hawaii too. Usually you take them out mostly morning and evening of course and they do shed more than they do on most parts of the mainland. Cleo LOVES the water though so she would super enjoy being able to go swim much more often. I know some folks say that it would be warm for her, so that's why I mentioned that. Regardless of anyone's opinion, Cleo is family and she and the other fur-babies would move with us anywhere we'd go. 

Cleo our Newfoundland dog - Gunilla Wachtel

Our beautiful Newfoundland dog Cleo.

Have a great day!

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