Mini Treasures from the Studio

This past week I spent some time re-doing the price structure for the website as well as scanning a lot of ACEO cards that were just waiting to be scanned. I also got some more of the mini treasure ACEO cards done.

In the Studio

Here are a few of the ACEO cards I completed this week.

Mini Treasures 39 - Arabian Horse ACEO drawing - Gunilla Wachtel 

"Arabian." Mini Treasures #39. (Yeah I wrote 38 first, oops...).

Back of Mini Treasures 39 - Original horse ACEO drawing - Gunilla Wachtel

Blazey - mini treasures 40 ACEO original drawing - Gunilla Wachtel

Little Blazey on the drafting table again...

Mini Treasures 41 Gunilla Wachtel horse drawing Friesian

Mini Treasures 41. "Working Friesian."

back of Mini Treasures 41 - Gunilla Wachtel - Friesian horse

Friesian ACEO original drawing Gunilla Wachtel

One of the ACEO cards listed this week was this Friesian horse drawing.

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