Snowy Horse Creation and a Snowy Newfoundland Dog

Morning everyone,

I wanted to share a few pictures with you today. We got a little bit of snow here again the other day.

Also, I wrote a nice, long blog post here but Shopify decided to eat my blog post again. I had saved it a few times during working on it. Then when I set it to visible and saved it... poof!!!!

So, the post is a little bit shorter now because my eyes are sore and tired after the extra screen time.

In the Studio

Sketchbook Horse Drawing Gunilla Wachtel

A page from my sketchbook.

Snowy Behind the Scenes

Pretty Newfoundland Dog Cleo - Gunilla Wachtel

Our pretty Newfoundland girl Cleo wanted to say hello to everyone!

Snowy Horse Creation Gunilla Wachtel

Cleo took a break from playing in the snow, so I decided to draw a horse in the little bit of snow we had.


New from the Studio

This is one of my ACEO cards. If you are interested in purchasing this ACEO, let me know.

Until next blog post,


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