Studio Friday

I might be creative in the arts department, but not always so creative with words - and my blog post titles aren't always the best. Sometimes I sit down to write these blog posts and simply draw a blank. To document the creative process, I took several pictures yesterday as well as this morning. 

In the Studio

Really tired today. I didn't get much sleep and Cleo decided that it would be a wonderful idea for her to go check out the snow that fell during the night... (about 5 am or so she just couldn't wait any longer). I sense I might have a bit of extra mocha today. 

Behind the Scenes

Here are some pictures from the studio.

Mini Treasures Horse Drawing Gunilla Wachtel

ACEO work in progress picture. I forgot to take more pictures. Oops.

ACEO horse Mini Treasures Drawing Gunilla Wachtel 

ACEO - done!

ACEO cards to varnish Gunilla Wachtel

This week's ACEO cards waiting to be varnished.

ACEO cards varnished and drying - Kanweienea Kreations Studio

Varnished ACEO cards - drying in the garage. Today I couldn't get the cap for the matte spray opened, so these were done with glossy varnish.

Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

Things have been very stressful the past year and the animals help keep my blood pressure in check. Who knows what it would have been if it wasn't for them. Blazey is the one most adamant to keep me calm. She will (ever so carefully) tug on my clothes with her claws, she will meow at me in a very determined voice etc. She will fluff bump my legs, anything she can and then I look into her big eyes and I just melt. 

If it wasn't for the furry animal helpers here, I doubt I'd be able to have any caffeine at all.

When I draw I tend to get really tired - probably because it calms me down so much and so I'm trying to slowly get back into a studio routine longer than a few minutes. If I manage to draw for an hour total it's an awesome day in that respect.

I have been aiming for 2 hours drawing a day but a lot of times, it takes five minutes at a time of drawing and then I have to take breaks to be able to finish the ACEO card.

Before I go get the ACEO cards from the garage here, I'll make sure to pet the animals a little bit extra. I'll go ahead and give Cleo a hug too (she loves hugs). She has been keeping me company here at the computer.

Pet your animals today. Give them a hug if they like hugs. Spend some extra time with them if you can.

Gunilla Wachtel ~ Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art

Kanweienea Kreations
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