Friday Reflections from the Studio

Looks like I will have to get some more sketching done this weekend. I really wanted to get started on a new series of drawings. I will try to keep you updated how it turns out. I plan to share some things on the blog, but more in the newsletter for April. 

In the Studio

It's been a busy week and for work I mostly got planning and studying done. The animals have been excellent studio helpers as always.

Tuxie Snuggled up on a box in the studio Kanweienea Kreations

Little Tuxie is such a cutie and she loves to hang out with me in the studio. In the background we have print out photos of Blazey and Cleo. In case it isn't totally obvious, yeah I love the Smurfs.

Baby Cleo Kanweienea Kreations

I thought you'd enjoy seeing a baby picture of our precious Cleo! She is a studio helper as well of course. She makes sure I get my exercise. Isn't she just so cute and cuddly? I think she was about 3-4 months in this picture.

Featured Artwork from the Studio

Wolf drawing Gunilla Wachtel

This is a picture from my sketchbook featuring a wolf drawing.

Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

Animals are awesome and I recently wrote a guest blog post for the Rebel Fairy blog.

Cowboy with horse and dog

5 Ways to Improve Your Connection with Your Animals 

Have a great weekend and make sure to tell your animals how awesome they are! 

Kanweienea Kreations
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.

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