Camera Malfunction

I was getting better at taking pictures with the camera and was trying to remember to document my creative art process as I work on things.

In the Studio

I was trying to set up a schedule where I would plan ahead for blog posts etc and have pictures ready ahead of time. That way I could divide any screen time up between photo editing and blog post writing better.

So, fast forward to yesterday morning where I'm trying to listen to a webinar and I get distracted by the little cute Tuxie. She was having fun exploring the studio. I decide to take a picture of her and the picture seems to look great. Next thing I know, the camera lens is stuck in open position and the camera screen is black. No response.

The camera is a few years old, and I found some info that there have been similar issues with this type and brand of camera. The camera wouldn't even charge and was not responding to the on/off button..

I've been trying for a bit here to do two posts a week. I will try to figure something out for this, but I might have to go to posting just once a week.

Here is a picture of an ACEO that I created the other day and got the picture uploaded to the computer yesterday or so.

ACEO horse drawing Gunilla Wachtel

Featured Artwork


Quarter Horse. Drawing by Gunilla Wachtel.

This picture was of course taken when the camera was working. 

This horse drawing features a quarter horse. I love all breeds and grade horses, but this particular horse was an art piece I really loved creating. Energetic, yet gentle, the quarter horse is something special. This is an original drawing, you can see more info about this pencil drawing here.

Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

Remember I said the camera wouldn't charge? That was correct, but I had only tried to charge it off a computer like I normally have. I didn't remember we had an outlet adapter for USB... when hubby came home, he tried to see if it would charge of the wall outlet, and it charged! Like magic! (okay, not really but I just had to say that).

I can't get a new camera yet, and if the camera acts up again, it looks like I will be limited to just things that can be scanned for now. 

If you would like to contribute to the non official new camera fund, make sure to browse the art gallery to see if you see anything you like.

Thank you.

Enjoy your day!

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