365 Sketches Renamed - Pages from the Sketchbook 2015

I'm going to rename the project 365 sketches to Pages from the Sketchbook 2015. There are quite a bit of posts so some of the links in those posts will say 365 sketches. The idea is to still try to do the project daily but summarize the sketches in not as frequently published blog posts unless I can. That will allow me some more time for working on new series, creating listings and of course, spending time with the family.

An Insight into my Creative Process

Summer here can get pretty hectic so I am going to have to change up the 365 sketches project and call it "pages from the sketchbook." I think I have used that project name before, and it's not time limited. I will probably try to number them in some way though. They are just some sketches from my creative process that I share here on the blog. They won't be perfect and aren't meant to be. They are just meant to give you an insight into my creative thinking and process.

Ha en bra dag! (Enjoy your day!)

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