A Behind the Scenes Look into One of My Sketchbooks

Pages from the sketchbook #57 - #62.

Here is a behind the scenes look into one of my sketchbooks. I actually have several sketchbooks. This is the one I use for daily(-ish) sketches for the Pages from the Sketchbook project 2015. As I've decided to not update this project on the website as often, perhaps only monthly unless readers request for it to be updated more, I may or may not include all the pages from the sketchbook, or I might make it into a picture video instead.

For now, here is the most recent pages from the sketchbook.

Sketch #57 includes some horse sketches and studies. I also decided to do a fun doddle exercise that including creating some intuitive lines and see what shapes I saw. As you might be able to tell, I noticed a cat and some horses :). 

Sketch #58. Animals Rule. Enough said.

Sketch #59. This sketch was a simple quick sketch and this was during Father's day (U.S.). As you might remember, I'm from Sweden originally. In Sweden we celebrate Father's Day on a different day, but Father's Day is still Father's Day. My dad passed away several years ago and I miss him a lot. He was a great dad.

This sketchpage shows come charcoal practice. I like working with charcoal too, but I think I still prefer pencil.

A city perspective doodle. As you can see I made a note here of I would post daily if I can. I wrote that note before I remembered that we are going to start listing on eBay again and that I am going to try and write short, but daily updates on those. The Pages from the Sketchbook project is still in process and I will update the blog with this project at times. If you would like to see more frequent updates, please let me know.

Yep... I was up early this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I decided to go work in the studio and continue the daily sketchbook practice. Somehow I decided on geometric shapes and such. Uh. Yeah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....................

All the animals came to keep me company! Well Tiggy came to see what was going on and then went to do whatever else. I didn't get the camera ready quick enough to take a picture of her right then.

Tuxie was the first one to come see what I was doing.

Tuxie sneaking under the drafting table over by Othello...

Our beautiful tired little Newfoundland girl taking a nap behind me.

Here comes Blazey...

Tiggy did come look in the doorway as to say hm, you all in here? I didn't get the camera ready quick enough like I said, but here is another picture of Tiggy (I know she would want to be included in this post too).

Little Tiggy resting on my drafting table.

Hope you enjoyed the picture of my sketchbook pages and the pictures of our studio pets! If you are following along my sketchbook updates, is there an animal you would like to see more sketches of? Let me know in comments.

Thank you!

Ha en fin dag! (Have a nice day!)

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