Welcome to Sweden - An Awesome and Fun Comedy

One of my favorite TV shows is Welcome to Sweden. I haven't had the opportunity to visit Sweden for many years, so the bit of familiarity that the show brings with it is an added bonus. The show returns to NBC on July 19, 2015.

If you ever visit Sweden, you might find that most Swedes speak English. Being able to speak some Swedish could be nice though even if you are visiting. Plus, if you like the show Welcome to Sweden, you will probably find that there is a whole different level to the comedy that can't be translated. Some of it is just words that don't get translated exactly, some of it is the culture and sayings.




One of the great things about this TV show is that it pretty much looks at both cultures, Swedish and American, equally.

The official page for Sweden has lots of information you might find interesting including a small Swedish glossary. Want to learn some Swedish words? 

Here is a picture of one of our cats, Tiggy. She loves to nap on my drafting table, especially if I left my notebooks there. 

The Swedish word for cat is "katt."

Ha en fin dag! (Have a nice day!)

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