Cleo the Newfoundland Dog Enjoying the Weather

The Cooler Weather - For Now

I really wish we could get our air conditioner working. It just won't turn on even anymore. So it's opening windows and having fans on to keep the house as cool as possible. Cleo is certainly enjoying the cooler weather we've had this week. This morning we went for a long walk with our little Cleo (who is now about 6.5 years old). As you might see in the picture we keep new, and older tags on her collar. She loves her leather collar. It might be hard to see in the picture, but it has airbrushed pink puppy paw prints on it. I painted it for her.

Cleo relaxing in the breezy backyard. See the sporty, wind-blown hairdo? Even when it's warm, the backyard is cooler and there is often at least some breeze. Here she is trying to ninja people and animals walking by. Of course, with me right there, she doesn't often bark at them... if I'm not right there though, WOFF!

It's going to warm up again though this weekend, so we probably will have to try and turn some sprinklers on for Cleo. She LOVES water.



Cute baby newf Tie 
Cute baby newf Tie by KanweieneaKreations

Cleo has been a total cutie since she was a baby puppy. In the picture shown on the stylish tie here, she is about 4 months or so. I use Zazzle for some of my art designs and prints. They have excellent print quality and color accuracy as well as outstanding customer service, which is something that is important in our business as well. We can print art prints and make items such as keychains, but we currently don't have the opportunity to print ties and some other merchandise.

Animals are awesome. They are friends, companions and helpers plus so much more.

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