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It's really warm weather here today with high humidity. The kitties are following me around like usual even more so, and Cleo has found a new favorite spot down here in the basement. She LOVES to snooze on the couch. I must say that couch is pretty comfy though, I have to agree with her!

I was writing some notes in my editorial calendar here. Yeah that's a Hawaiian style t-shirt, bought in Hawaii way back when. It's the only one I still have from there. The other ones are all worn out.

After some thought and then remembering to actually get around to going through the sketches, I've decided to list some of my sketches. That way I can create an affordable line of animal art. These sketches won't necessarily be perfect works, and they are not detailed and finished like my full-fledged drawings. Since I can draw them faster, I can also charge less for them.

And remember, we do have make an offer currently available for most items in the store. So you can sort of pay what you want. If you think I should charge more, by all means offer more (We (that includes the animals) thank you!). Cleo is currently back on her Pedigree food but she does much better on the Blue dog food brand. Hopefully soon we can get that for her again. The kitties are hoping to be able to get the "Blue" cat food again. They like their Meow and Friskies type brands but they much prefer the other one.

You can really tell it makes a big difference in how shiny their fur gets with that food too. (No, I don't get paid by that company to say that. The animals love their food. Although in all honesty, Cleo does NOT, so NOT like their canned dog food).

Today I listed a nice sketch of a polo pony.

It is done on black sketch paper and measures approximately 8x10 inches. It is unframed.


Here is a picture from a work in progress post of that sketch.

Have a lovely day everyone!

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