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I got an email in my inbox today. It mentioned the new Periscope site. It sounded pretty awesome if you ask me, but it is another site (besides e.g. Instagram) that I won't be able to use for now. I don't even have a regular cell phone. (I would love a smart phone but you know, it just isn't an option at this point).

I've been considering cutting down on a lot of social media for a while now and in fact I do use it a lot less than I used to. The eye-strain I've been dealing with is making me have to limit my white background time a lot. I think this email that mentioned the new cool app/site to use was about it too. First it was Pinterest that was all the rage, then Instagram and of course we still have Facebook going strong. Then Facebook changed so that you basically had to promote (i.e. pay) to get your posts seen and unless you had a following built already, well, that kinda sucked.

So although I will have some semi-active social media accounts, it will be for when I have time to check on them. I also have notifications set up so that if someone does try to contact me through there I should be notified.

I need to get back into a studio routine where I actually create new things instead of spending so much time marketing without seeing much if any result. If I can set it up so that I have someone else (that has the time to keep up with all this social media stuff), I will probably use social media more again.

I do like to use social media though so you might see me on there anyways... we'll see how it goes...

What about you? Do you ever get tired of social media?

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