A Trip Down Memory Lane

There are many horses that I've met in my day. All of them have been special and some of them really made an impression. Today I wanted to share with you this old photo of two horses I used to lease way back when.

A picture of two horses (the ones in the front) that I used to lease. See the third one in the back? She was awesome too! Beautiful and lovely horses.

The url on the photo re-directs to this website... I ended up getting the newer domain gunillawachtel.com as the main one instead.

I have a lot of pictures of our furry family members so I picked a few here to show you today.

Oh my.... look at little baby Cleo!!

Little baby Cleo and little baby Tuxie...

Here are some pictures of some of my artwork and supplies.

A painting of a Newfoundland dog. One of my painting projects.

I still have some of these canvas panels... I tried to draw on them but the surface was way too rough, at least for the pre-primed panels.

Sketch #7 from one of my sketch projects. The blurb for this sketch was: 

365 sketches - #7/365
A sketch does not need to be a masterpiece. As I've completed this sketch Tuxie and Blazey have kept me company. True and loyal studio cats. I think they might be happy too if I ever get a Friesian horse!

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Are you interested in seeing any more projects? If so what kind?

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