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The other day I saw a note from a gallery that they were accepting applications for artist exhibits. There was no mention of any fees. It just said to contact for more information. Cool, right? So, I wrote them with some sample images of my art. I found out that it is not only a solo exhibit, but that there is a nominal fee of $300 for it (in addition to a lower commission on any sales). I'm not sure if that is standard or not, but paying for a gallery to exhibit my art doesn't really feel right. Plus, it isn't something that I can do at this point even if I wanted to.

So, I figured I would give you a small tour of the paintings and artwork we have up around the studio and house. Some of these are older artworks that we wanted to keep and some are a bit newer. Without further ado, here are some artwork for this virtual exhibit!

Newfoundland Dog 32 - pencil drawing by Gunilla Wachtel.

You've seen this pencil drawing before probably. This is actually just a printout on copy paper from the original file. I tried to take a picture of the framed drawing that we have up, but there was glare all over the place. Turning off the flash doesn't agree with our little digital camera. It goes massive blur. Not good.

Abstract orca painting, 8x10 acrylic. Art by Gunilla Wachtel.

This is one of my abstract animal paintings.

Dreamer 146. Acrylic on canvas 8x10. Art by Gunilla Wachtel.

One of my horse paintings, currently hanging in the studio.

3x3 miniature art. Acrylic on canvas. Art by Gunilla Wachtel.

I really do like to paint these miniature paintings. Fun stuff!

Dolphin painting, 8x8 acrylic on canvas. Art by Gunilla Wachtel.

This is one of my marine life paintings. I love to paint dolphins, orcas and other marine life.

Painting of orcas, 8x8 painting on canvas. Art by Gunilla Wachtel.

Speaking of orcas, here is a painting of two orca whales.

What is your experience, if any, with solo exhibits? Does the gallery usually want you to pay a fee?

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did, I would appreciate if you would help me spread the word about it. Thanks!

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