Early Morning in the Studio

Morning everyone! As I'm typing up this blog post I look around and I see Cleo snuggled up right behind my desk chair. Tiggy is on the chair next to me and Blazey is over on the couch over-seeing things. I know Tuxie is around here somewhere too but Cleo has the chair blocked in and is sleeping soundly.

I haven't taken any new pictures for this blog post. I am just too tired! It's about 5:45 am on a Saturday morning. I've been up for a while already, but Cleo has gone back to sleep. I've already posted a few pictures to my Facebook page and since Cleo had me fairly wide awake, I decided to get some work done.

Cleo has a similar pose now, just different room of the house. Blazey is over on the couch taking it easy. She is looking at me like "Go back to bed!"

You see, Cleo decided that she wanted me awake early today and did her mini quiet bark and kept waking me up... so I tried to go make sure she had food and water. She had had both food and water late last evening. Yep she still had both. Now, she is snuggled up behind my desk chair as usual. She likes to go downstairs to sleep when it is warm weather like now. It is cooler in the basement.

I think she just wanted company. Gotta love Newfoundland dogs!

Too tired to take a new picture lol! Here is one of my favorite quotes:

As I was typing in the part of the favorite quote, Tiggy the tabby decided to step in front of my keyboard, so I'm also showing you a picture of Tiggy. Same there, used a picture I had already. It's too early!!!

This little tabby is now going back to sleep herself... not on the drafting table at the moment though.

Time to try and follow the advice of the Blazey. That is, if Cleo can scooch over a little bit so I can move the desk chair... As I typed that, Cleo, who had appeared to be sound asleep, got up, moved over just a little bit and sighed. Gotta love those newfies! Have a great day everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did, I would appreciate if you would help me spread the word about it. Thanks!

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