Studio Tuesday

Hi everyone!

Today was a busy morning with the animals making sure I got some running around the house done! Ninjas....

Little miss tabby Tiggy.

Cleo made sure I got some exercise. Cleo was a very good girl for her morning walk. She is the resident puppy ninja.

In the Studio

Alright, so today I'll be working on some sketches for the new series. I've gathered quite a bit of research and some other materials, so today I will be starting work on concept sketches. Besides looking through my older sketches for ideas and reference images, I will be creating new concept sketches as well. I will be showing a few of these in the blog posts, but for more pictures of those, make sure to sign up for the newsletter.


Today's featured auction listing

My latest "project" is to try and post more often. I do like to write (and edit!) a lot, so some days might be longer posts. Other days, might just be a quick share of the latest auction. It depends on how much time I have to write and also if my eye-strain is bothering me.

Original ACEO pencil drawing of horses enjoying a nice summer's day.

Click here to bid on this original ACEO card painting.

Random Thoughts and Not So Random Thoughts

What items would you like to see most listed for auction? Pencil sketches? Acrylic paintings? ACEO cards?

How does your animal helper ninjas help (or not help) you in your daily life?

With a distracting window hunt meow from Tuxie, I'm reminded that my creative train needs to get some more work done...

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did, I would appreciate if you would help me spread the word about it. Thanks!


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