A Creative Cave?

Do you ever feel like going into your own creative cave? Well our house isn't that small (or that big either for that matter), but I guess it could still be considered a creative cave. I do have to put aside more creative time for myself.

Posting Schedule

I have been a little bit back and forth between should I post daily or should I not post daily. When it really comes down to it, I end up sitting and editing my blog post for a while. I add in pictures. I proof-read it a few times. I like to have my dear hubby look over it too if possible.

I'm an introvert turned somewhat of an extrovert. Hubby would call me an extrovert I think though. If I'm around people that love animals I tend to be able to be quite social. The hub bub of Twitter, Facebook and alike though, sometimes it just feels like there is so much noise. Everyone (understandably so) wants to be heard. But does anyone hear (or see really I guess)?

As I'm trying to edit this post, my little fur friend Blazey is walking all over my desk. She is making sure to say hi and walk in front of the keyboard. Currently, she is tickling my elbow with her tail. She is looking at the monitor now. I think she is trying to help me type here...


In the Studio

Yep... I turn the camera flash off and .... next thing I know, it just auto resets to the flash again. Argh. I am revising my studio schedule to see how to better make use of any screen time.

I will be working on some more concept sketches here today. Two of the studio helpers are telling me to get to work! These girls are certainly an inspiration.

Tuxie and Blazey love my drafting table.


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Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

The website platform I use likes to do updates and changes pretty frequently (without notifying the customer). When I went to write this blog post there was a new layout for it again. If you ask their support about it, they say that oh well you see, you get to beta test this! It's like, thanks for letting me know I guess?

I used to run WordPress which I really liked. With having to limit my pc time and being the one dealing with any code issues, web design and anything else related to the website, I can't use it at the moment.

Customer service for some companies definitely leave room for a lot of improvement. We strive for excellence with our own business. Respect, loyalty, integrity and honesty. Oh and if you should ever get a call from us, you'd better believe the person calling would introduce themselves properly. Not just, is so and so there (and not even wanting to say what business they are representing).

What is most important to you when it comes to how a business deals with customer service?


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