Humpback Whale Breaching Against the Night Sky

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Humpback whales are some of the most impressive creatures on the planet. Not just size wise but also with their beauty, grace and intelligence. Too many times animals don't get credit for their skills in communication as well as their intelligence and emotional level. This acrylic painting is a study of a humpback whale. It was part of a daily painting project where I painted animals of the sea.

Being from Sweden and growing up along the coast I miss the ocean. We also lived in Hawaii for several years so the ocean means a lot to me. Where we are now, there is no ocean and no ocean breezes. We hope that one day we can move back to Hawaii.

Painting and drawing ocean animals help me stay connected to my roots. My origin is not only that of living close to the ocean but also that of connecting with animals.

In the Studio

I got my blog posts written here, so time to go work on the concept sketches! Have a great day everyone!


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