The Blog Quest

Hi everyone!

This was supposed to be a daily post update... as I realize I probably spent 30 minutes at the pc already typing this up and adding pictures. Tiggy the tabby is on a signature quest to distract me so I will just let her outside. This of course makes any work at the computer take considerably longer.

If you aren't familiar with the concept of a signature quest, let me explain. It is usually a very long quest, sometimes consisting of several sub-quests.

Today's blog quest for me was to get this post typed up and published. Due to the time it's taking me though, I had to schedule it for another day.

In the Studio

Working on horse concept sketches - Gunilla Wachtel

I started working on some concept sketches for the new series. I'm not really concerned with too much detail at this point. Just trying to get a general perspective and composition laid out. That's just a regular click pencil there in case you wondered.

Continuing work on one of the concept sketches - Gunilla Wachtel

This is another picture of me working on the same sketch.

Tuxedo Kitty Blazey on the Drafting Table

Blazey was in the studio and noticed that I was working at the drafting table. She looked approvingly at what I was doing. She then proceeded on her self-chosen kitty ninja warrior track to then land on the drafting table.

As you might be able to tell, she was most insistent on coming to say hi to me. She purred loudly and wanted to be petted. After I said hi to her, she then let me get back to work. I think she just wanted to cheer me on!

Little tuxedo kitty Tuxie keeping me company in the studio

Baby Tuxie is quite laid back and she loves to hang out in the studio too. This is actually behind me on my left.


Featured Artwork from the Studio

Horse ACEO Original Pencil Sketch Drawing Art Card

This is one of my ACEO drawings. ACEO cards measure 2.5" x 3.5" and can be made on any surface with any materials. They make great collector pieces and they don't take much room to store either. A regular trading card album will do.

Featured eBay auction


ACEO original painting featuring horses on a beautiful summer's day. Click to view auction.

Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

Tiggy the tabby kitty chilling on the studio shelf

Tiggy likes to be in the studio too sometimes. Most the time though, she is busy meowing at me, complaining about her now being an indoor kitty. She is very persistent. She knows when I'm trying to work and that's usually when she does her very best at trying to drive me up the wall. We love her anyways and when she is not busy with her tornado style meowing, she can be quite the cutie pie.

With Tiggy meowing and distracting my train of thought for quite a while I think this post took me about an hour or so at the computer. That also includes editing some photos, but not taking the pictures. I did that before today. She calmed down so I could finish writing this post though, so that's good.

Cleo is keeping me company at the computer as usual and she is laying behind my chair. Tuxie is somewhere around here too. The animals tend to gather around me where ever I am in the house.

For this blog I try to write about my artwork mostly. Our animals are such an integral part of our family and they are my helpers. Blazey especially checks on me a lot and is I guess what you could call an un-official service kitty. Speaking of Blazey, I felt her watching me... so I turned around and there she was on hubby's desk, looking over at me! Yep. I need to step away from the bright monitor for a while...

How do your animals help you?


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