Horse Sketches, Cat Antics and more

So this past week I decided to try a weekly art project. I realized pretty quickly though that with the weekly updates for that project, I was spending even more time on the pc than if I just had a quick blog post update. I'll try to post at least once weekly. If I can, I will update with shorter posts during the week too.

In the Studio

These are some of the artworks I did this week.

Horse Concept Sketch Gunilla Wachtel drawing

A page from my sketchbook... featuring one of my horse drawings.

ACEO original pencil drawing of a Friesian Horse - Gunilla Wachtel

I just created this ACEO drawing the other day.


Featured eBay Auction

 Orca Painting by Gunilla Wachtel

8x10 painting of an orca. Acrylic on canvas. Click to view auction.


Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

Tuxedo kitty Blazey in a box keeping me company on my desk

Little Blazey is keeping me company at my desk. Someone suggested I should try to put a cardboard box for the cats on my desk. They also said to put a t-shirt and some catnip in there. Done and done! As you can see Blazey is very happy to be able to be comfy AND have the opportunity to keep an eye on me. I can reach out to pet her and she'll give me super eye love you eyes and a happy purr hello.... Then go back to sleep if she was sleeping...

Tiggy loves the desk cubby too and Tuxie still needs to warm up to it. She likes to sleep either on my purse or just on my desk.

Oh my, you might think, but that box doesn't fit three cats does it? Nope... It was the size box that would fit pretty good next to my monitor though and the space allotted. If Tiggy is in the desk cubby, then Blazey (or vice versa) will happily plop down next to me on the desk. (Something tells me they also love big IKEA desks..).

Have a great day everyone (Ha en fin dag)!


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