Tuxie the Furry Studio Helper

Hello you lovely people!

I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today is Saturday and I did try to take pictures of the sketches I was working on yesterday. I took one of the concept sketches and transferred it to actual art paper. As seems to often happen, I ended up just having to re-draw the whole thing anyways.

When turning my back to get the camera for pictures, Tuxie the cutie pie decided to sit on my drafting table. Eventually she decided to let me get some work done. So, not really any pics of any work yesterday for me to post today. Here is a cute picture of Tuxie though!

Tuxie the tuxedo cat on my drafting table - Gunilla Wachtel - Kanweienea Kreations studio 

Every time I had to go get something, the little Tuxie was back on my table... I had to keep wiping off the cat fur... After a bit though she let me get some work done and snuggled up next to the aluminum shelf you can see to the left of the table.


Featured Artwork from the Studio

Beach Rock Natural Statement Jewelry Humpback Whale Artwork Gunilla Wachtel

Humpback Whale Beachstone Necklace

This is one of my hand painted beach stone necklaces. I created this beautiful necklace using an American beach stone and acrylic paints. When creating these miniature artworks I sometimes have a plan in mind. Most the time, I just let the moments inspiration work for me and different animals come to life on these rocks.

Once complete and dried, I varnished the beach stone painting to help keep the paints vibrant and colorful. There is no metal on this necklace. The bail is created by making a snake knot bail with a satin cord. My dear hubby creates the bail and drills the rocks for me. The rock clasp that secures this necklace is a hand-picked river rock.

One thing I love about these beach stones is that they are so smooth to paint on. It is different than canvas or paper, but it's what I like to call one of nature's canvases. What is your favorite thing about this particular beach stone necklace? Let me know in comments!


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Gunilla Wachtel ~ Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art

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