Behind the Scenes in my Studio

Our little Blazey was keeping me company in the studio today again. She convinced me to get my work started early. She even adjusted the light for me! You'll have to take my word for it because I didn't have a camera rolling or anything. When I sat down to draw she quickly got on the drafting table. I adjusted the light a bit and started drawing. Shortly after she did her half sit thing and put one paw on each side of the lamp arm... to adjust it just a tad (turned out she got it just perfect!). Then she laid down next to me on the drafting table and kept me company. All while purring, of course.


In the Studio

Here are a few updates from the past couple of days:

Armored Horse Work in Progress drawing Gunilla Wachtel

Yep, that looks like a cat hair there... I'm guessing Blazey... sometimes you don't notice things until the picture is already uploaded.


Armored Horse Work in Progress drawing - updated - Gunilla Wachtel

Here is another update on this horse drawing.

Armored Horse Work in Progress drawing - another update of this artwork - Gunilla Wachtel

This picture I just took this morning. I currently keep the drawing inside the big sturdy sketchbook. The paper for the drawing is Bristol which is why you can see the color is different than the sketchbook paper.

Keeping the drawing inside the sketchbook while I'm working on it helps protect it from the kitty ninjas. Let's say I am working on a drawing and get distracted. I get up from my drafting table, but put the drawing inside the sketchbook first and close it up. Now when the kitty ninjas decide my sketchbook is the best bed ever, the drawing is still protected.


Studio Vlog

Hope you enjoy today's studio vlog from Blazey and I!


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