A Look into My Sketchbook

We adopted our beautiful tabby cat Tiggy from a shelter several years ago. She was an indoor/outdoor cat. Earlier this summer we decided to make her an indoor kitty only. Oh yeah, can we say that Tiggy so did not approve?

We got her used to going on a harness when she went outside. She was not thrilled at first, but nowadays she doesn't mind it. She will walk around the backyard and at times just lay down in the grass. 

Tiggy the tabby - Kanweienea Kreations Studio

The other day I had the idea of getting a tote bag together with a sketchbook and some pencils. Tiggy is very determined once she has her harness on. It's sort of like "Outdoors? Here I come!!" 

The tote bag I would be able to keep on my shoulder when she would want to walk around. When she wants to just lay around, I would be able to sketch for a bit.

Sketchbook Gunilla Wachtel artist

Although I sometimes get a little bored just sitting outside with Tiggy, it is helping me. She's teaching me to just enjoy being outdoors. Meditate, if you would like to call it that.

From the Sketchbook Gunilla Wachtel

Tiggy was like ZOMG this totebag is totally comfy! Good thing I already had my sketchbook and pencil out.

She can be very vocal (and loud) about going outside. She wants to go out when SHE says so... and she will keep at it all day. She knows it might be about a certain time she usually gets to go out. She is what I would call an epic x 4 meower... some days that makes it difficult to get work done at all.

Right now she is sleeping soundly though. I'm guessing she is happy I mentioned her a lot in this blog post. Just saying...

In the Studio

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