A Back to the Studio Journey - The Studio Zone #1

Welcome to the first post called the Studio Zone. Blazey and I tried to decide today on the type of blog schedule I should try and keep (she actually does come with input, believe it or not). So, for now, the general conclusion of it was to try to post at least once a week. Perhaps even more often, but shorter posts.

As my drawings are often time-consuming I sometimes take a while between creating new drawings. Blazey is most persistent on me working in the studio. The other furry helpers insist on it too, but Blazey is the main boss if you will. I'm still trying to get back to a regular studio routine. It's been difficult after the loss of Missy. It was in memory of Missy that I dragged myself into the studio again after that. She, just like Blazey is now, (thanks for the tail smack on my face there, Blazey... tickles!!), made sure I got my studio work done.

The Beautiful Empress Missy - Gunilla Wachtel Kanweienea Kreations Studio

Empress Missy. She is always with us in spirit.

The tenacious tabby also came with input in regards to the blog schedule. That is... she kept meowing... and meowing. Imagine a cat in heat meowing, except, Tiggy has been spayed for years (that was done before we adopted her). Add in a migraine sometimes (like at the time of trying to write this post). Sprinkle a little bit of the gamer tendency of SHINY!!!!! and it makes it difficult to try and write a post daily. Even a simple update could get meowed down by Tiggy. I sort of need the time to go back in and edit the post before it goes live. Tiggy knows when I concentrate on something and that's really when she tries to get to the epic level as far as her vocals are concerned.

In the Studio

I've been working some more on the armored horse drawing.

Armored Horse Drawing by Gunilla Wachtel

I've gotten some more work done on this and besides laying in some patterns, also did more work on tonal values.

Another progress picture of the Armored Horse drawing by Gunilla Wachtel

Here is another picture showing some more progress of the pencil layers.

Here is another studio vlog. This one shows a speed video of me working on the horse drawing.


Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

The epic cuteness Ninja Blazey - Kanweienea Kreations Studio

Blazey the Helper. Here you can see her being uber cute and showing me that she super approves of me being at the drafting table. See the little claws curling in a kneading motion?

As I've been working on this blog post, Blazey girl has been sitting on my planner next to me. Every so often just coming up to say hi and tail flap me in the face... 

Tiggy the Tabby - Kanweienea Kreations Studio

The tenacious tabby, who can be very cute. When she wants to go out though, she is, very loud. Although she is getting used to being an indoor kitty and is better than she used to be about it. As it turns out, I'm usually the one to take her out on the harness, so, I'm her favorite meow to person. We try to go out about the same time, but so far, Tiggy does not approve, and wants to go out when SHE wants to.

As I'm editing this post, and being meowed at by the Tiggy, I forgot what I was going to say... 

There might be posts with typos. There might be posts where most I post is a picture and a little bit of text. Some days maybe it makes no sense whatsoever (meow). I hope you will follow along on the journey.

Next week I'll post more updates on the armored horse drawing. I will most likely also post about the furry studio helpers. The animals are part of our family and they are very much an inspiration to me. For now, it is time to yet again try to get one of the kids to try and take Tiggy out in the backyard. She needs to see it isn't just me that takes her outside.


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