Armored Horse Drawing - The Studio Zone #2

Animals are amazing and Tuxie and Blazey have both been helping me make sure I kept working on the drawing of the armored horse. There were several times that Blazey would not settle at all until I started working on the drawing. Tuxie helped keep me company and made sure that she got her attention too.

I have now finished the drawing and I wanted to share with you a few pictures and a short video.

In the Studio

Armored Horse Drawing Gunilla Wachtel

Another in progress picture of the horse drawing.

Fit For Fight - Armored Horse Drawing by Gunilla Wachtel

Time to varnish this drawing!

Here is another studio vlog with more pictures of how this drawing came together. I decided to title this drawing "Fit For Fight."


Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

Tuxie the Tuxedo Kitty - Kanweienea Kreations Studio - Gunilla Wachtel

Tuxie is quite the studio helper too. She loves to rest in this one box. It is located on the shelf next to my drafting table. She is right next to me, while at the same time being total ninja!

I hope you've enjoyed following along with the work of progress of this drawing. There were times when I didn't feel up to working on it. Our animals all helped make sure that I kept at it. Cleo is more laid back but she loves to keep me company when I have to work on the pc for website updates etc. Tiggy? Well she helped too, when she wasn't meowing insanely, she was being quite the snuggle tabby.

Time to start another drawing soon! Have a great day everyone! 


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