Studio Friday - A Medieval Style Horse Drawing

Based on the time I take to complete these drawings, and the current daily project #30DaysofHorses, I've decided to share any more progress pictures for this drawing in the newsletter. Since I mentioned last week that I would post progress pictures this Friday, I am still posting it for this week.

In the Studio

One of my favorite animals to draw is of course the horse. The other day I was looking through my recently created concept sketches to see if I could find a good candidate for the next pencil drawing. The smart and beautiful Tuxedo kitty Blazey noticed that I had a difficult time deciding. Like a good studio helper she came over to me at the drafting table, sniffed this sketch ever so gently and gave me that Blazey look. This one, she said. She then proceeded to jump off the drafting table and play with a cat toy. 

Knights and Horses - Gunilla Wachtel Drawing

After deciding on which of the concept sketches to use, I started to do some further refining to the sketch.

Knights and Horses 2 - Drawing Gunilla Wachtel

Here I've done some further work on the initial sketch in my sketchbook. I'm basically just trying to get proportions and layout more accurate before I create this drawing on the actual art paper.

Medieval history is fascinating and it is helping inspire me for this type of drawing. Plus, the furry studio helpers are total cheerleaders!

What is your most favorite thing about animals and history? Let me know in comments!


Gunilla Wachtel ~ Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art

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