3 Things I've Learned About Daily Creative Projects

In doing the daily drawing project, I've learned (or really rather realized again) a few things. 


desk with stuff

Not everyone's desk looks the same. One person's desk could be neat and tidy, another one's let's just say chaotically organized. Or maybe, things all over the place. In fact, that desk, isn't even my desk. That is a stock image. I preferred that to spending a long time with our sucky digital camera not getting a decent picture.

Translate this to how all our lives can vary so much in how much energy we have. How much baggage we might carry. 

A project works for one, many, but probably not for all.


1. It doesn't work for everyone. Even if it seems like it.

These days most people seem to have smart phones. You snap a picture, use an app to add some text or whatever and then upload it to your different social media profiles. For me, I don't have a smartphone. Gasp! I don't even have a cellphone. I'm not opposed to technology, far from it. I love tech! Not having a smart phone (or cellphone for that matter), is for us based on budget.

Here's my routine for a daily update. I try to take a picture (or 10, depending on how the natural light is working for the studio). I check on the camera directly to see if pictures appear to be good. Then I go to upload the pictures to the pc. 

Sometimes that's only to realize that although the pictures looked perfectly clear on the camera (yes, I know, we need a better camera), don't look so nice after all. Think blur.

I then pick out the picture, edit the picture and add any watermark. Then I post it and share it.

Now add in all the running up and down the steps here to get stuff I forgot in the studio (split offices is not cool).


2. You might have to adjust it to work for you.

Maybe you love creating something daily but perhaps you don't have time to share it every day. You could still create every day and then share a summary weekly. Or you might just have to find the time of day that works best for your schedule.           


3. You don't have to do it.

There seems to be a general trend to create daily content. Perhaps you love to create daily. If you don't have the energy levels to do so though, just do the best you can. You don't have to do it though. Do what's right for you.


In the Studio

I plan to keep drawing a tiny drawing daily. I'm still on the fence whether to keep posting every day on it or not. Stress levels have been high for a long time now. There are many days lately where that little project is all I have time and energy to do. That ends up meaning that I don't have energy to work on my actual bigger drawings and then they get sitting. Not good!

The fur-babies are all a great help and company to me. Blazey in particular though tends to be really on it in terms of checking on how I am doing. She is like an un-official service kitty I suppose. She loves it when I just sit down and draw at the drawing table. I get so tired when drawing though, I'm trying to build up the time I have energy and focus to draw.

Little Blazey really likes to be petted. This is especially true when she senses I'm not feeling well. I'm sure she notices it lowers my blood pressure. She will literally (ever so carefully!) grab on to my arm or hands with her front paws towards her so I will pet her more. Think like if you have fairly short nails and tap them on the desk. Her claws are out just enough so she can grab on to me, but she never hurts me.

Our fur baby Blazey the tuxedo kitty - Gunilla Wachtel

Our little girl Blazey - my little helper in so many ways!


Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

I've been a little bit back and forth on how often to post. After all, if it's good enough to post on Facebook it should be good enough to post on my own site. Why build content for a third party platform that at any time can change their rules?

It's funny in a way. I worked on this draft for a few days now and this morning as I went to check on Google Plus, I realized they had a new layout. Honestly, I think it sucks. It's like instagram on a massive amount of triple shot espresso or something... It might look awesome on a phone or tablet. On my desktop monitor though, all I see is two giant pictures. Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Uh. Just click x and close the tab. Yep. 

Google does what Google wants. That's how it is. I might get used to it.

Oh and if you are wondering, my desk layout is usually similar to the one in the picture in the beginning of the post. Add on to that things people tend to put on the desk (especially if it's nice and neat). Plus of course, the fur babies that like to lay on my desk. Fortunately our little girl Cleo (120 pounds or so), doesn't get on my desk! She loves to lay next to the desk on the floor though.

Little Baby Cleo Newfoundland Girl - Gunilla Wachtel

Cleo makes sure I get my walks and that we run around and play in the backyard.

Now I would like to hear from you. What projects, if any, do you like to do? How do you structure your day to work for you? What type of studio updates are you most interested in?

Wishing you a great day, and remember, step away from that phone or pc and spend extra time with your animals. They are your greatest followers, I know ours are mine.


Gunilla Wachtel ~ Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art

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