Daily Drawing #9 - Horse Original ACEO Drawing

Hey everyone,

This morning is a little busy here but I managed to get the daily drawing done. Originally, I was going to grab the ACEO cards with me to draw by my computer while I worked on other tasks. Miss Blazey had other ideas. The moment I got in the studio, there she was, jumping up in her favorite window. Shortly there after she decided to come say hello to me. The usual ninja KABLAM jump landing on my drafting table (which is pretty sturdy, but not as sturdy as I would like...). After she got to say hello she then decided to let me work at the drafting table.

Daily Drawing #9 - ACEO original - Gunilla Wachtel

Daily drawing #9.

Yep. So I did today's daily drawing in the studio instead. Tuxie wanted me to mention that she hung out in the studio with me too. (She is just a less in the face kitty than Blazey can be). Today you not only get a picture of the daily drawing, but also a few of the furry helpers (Tiggy was busy window hunting at the time of the pictures).

Little Miss Tuxie - tuxedo cat - Gunilla Wachtel

Little Tuxie working on making herself even prettier.

Cleo the Newfoundland Dog - Gunilla Wachtel

Cleo, our beautiful newfoundland dog.

Little Blazey - Tuxedo kitty - studio - Gunilla Wachtel

One of my favorite pictures of Blazey.


Thanks for following along with my daily drawings!


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