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Ever read those blogs that post daily and seem to have this "Je ne sais quois" about them? I'm not sure how they do it... Then you see articles for that you shouldn't post daily, provide content instead! Some of those articles list examples of artists that they say are successful. Ironically enough, some of those list a picture of the artwork and pretty much nothing else. Yeah I don't know either...

In the Studio

This week I've been trying to get the new print scanned and listed. Done and done! I also got some more auctions up and listed on eBay.

I've also done some more work on my knights and horses drawing. At this point though I'm still thinking of starting over with a new composition. We'll see.

knights and horses - drawing by Gunilla Wachtel

The daily drawing project sort of epic failed. I was keeping up with it and posting. Then there was so much things going on that I forgot the one day. Then the next.... Ugh. I am considering to keep doing a small drawing daily and update every week instead.


Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

As usual Tiggy is meowing when I try to post or work. Meow meow meow. I don't know about you, but for me, when she starts her marathon "let me out now - meow" I can't think too good. My posts go from maybe pretty good to, well meow. Well, Tiggy.... I'm working on a draft I can save, so haha!

Anyways, to get back to the point at hand here, posting daily or not posting daily is not an option for everyone. I did want to point out though that some of those articles you'll read where it says to not post daily, keeps pointing out that you just have to post to instagram etc, new content every day... uh, build content for the third party platform instead of your own? Um...


- Gunilla


Gunilla Wachtel ~ Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art

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