Mini Treasures

I'm renaming the daily drawing project, "mini treasures" instead. I figured it might be more fitting since some days I seem to not get around to drawing these little drawings. I still try to draw these daily though.

In the Studio

Mini Treasure 35. Drawing. Gunilla Wachtel

Here is the most recent mini drawing. It's created on standard size ACEO card.

Featured eBay Auction

Arabian Horse ACEO drawing Gunilla Wachtel

ACEO original pencil drawing. Click to view auction.

Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

My wonderful husband is the one that came up with the name "mini treasures." I kept calling these daily drawings and then all of a sudden I'd miss a day here or there. So I wanted a more accurate name for it, while still attempting to draw daily.

In other behind the scenes news, I'm trying to decide on which social media platform to focus on. This website and blog will be my main scenius regardless though. Due to certain spammer trolls and Shopify's limited options for dealing with spam comments, I turned off the comments on the blog. 

I figured though that you can contact us through the contact form and there is also the option of commenting on the blog posts via social media.

It's really freezing down by the computers today. Burr!!!

Cold day

Ok so maybe it's not THAT cold.... but to my joints it certainly feels like it.

Tuxie is window hunting and Cleo is sleeping down here. I think we are all going to go upstairs and warm up a bit.

Until next blog post,


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