A Creative Heart for Our Cute Cleo

Our baby Cleo...

In the Studio

Our Baby Cleo - Gunilla Wachtel - Cleo the Newfoundland Dog 

Our fur babies are my helpers in many ways. Among other things, they inspire me, motivate me, cheer me up and keep me company. This post is mostly about our Newfoundland Dog Cleo.

She has been dealing with arthritis this past year. The vet prescribed some medicine for her for us to give her when needed. The crazy high humidity this summer just made her joints worse.

Today is another bad day where she needed much help to get up the stairs. She got some meds this morning. A short walk when she is up to it, helps her mobility some too. But only when she wants to bother.

Her appetite is down too. My homemade food, or baked goods, that she will eat, happily. The dog food though, no, not much at all.

My heart breaks at just the thought of losing her.

For today's creative project I was supposed to try and just use paper, scissors and maybe a stapler. I ended up just using paper, scissors and tape.

A Creative Heart for Our Cute Cleo - Gunilla Wachtel

I showed her the heart and she sniffed it gently and looked at me smiling. If you have ever seen a dog smile you will know what I mean.

Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

I have always been grateful for every day I get to spend with Cleo, and even more so these days.

If at all possible, spend some extra time with your fur babies today. Give them a hug if they will let you and they like hugs!

Enjoy your day!

Kanweienea Kreations
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.

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