A Horse is a Horse of Course

Yeah you guessed it, Mister Ed is one of my favorite tv shows. Back in Sweden, I'd watched re-runs when we were lucky enough to get good enough satellite reception for the British channel that aired it.

We watched all the Mister Ed shows on Netflix DVD. Yes the whole schabang. I'm sure my husband loved the series as much as I do (yeah right). Ok so he liked the show, but not as big a fan of it as I am.

The DVDs were great to watch because some of them had extra features. There were interviews with the actors. They'd talk about Mr. Ed and what an extraordinary, extra intelligent horse he was.

Horse sketch drawing Gunilla Wachtel

Okay, this is obviously not a sketch of Mister Ed, but it is one of my horse sketches.

Did you like the tv show Mister Ed? What are your favorite horse shows and/or movies?

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