A Little Bit Back - A Little Bit Forth

As I'm sitting here in the bit of Fall breezy draft studio, I'm thinking of the direction of the website. I have items that I never really had the chance to list anywhere, but they are still really nice items. I have some that were listed on other marketplaces. I've been a bit back and forth here on what to list or what not to list on the website. Honestly I'm still sort of undecided on it.

So, I figured since I don't really have the time to list all these items (and the website might look really crowded if I did), I might just mention some in blog posts and then you can let me know if you are interested in it. If you don't let me know soon then you know, I might just give it away to someone or sell it at a local venue instead. You never know.

Uh... maybe I'll just list them on here anyways, as I find the time.

Or. wait. Was that a shiny??!!!!???????????????????

Have a wonderful day,



Gunilla Wachtel
Dynamic animal drawings that deepen and strengthen your connection to animals.
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.
Kanweienea Kreations

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