A Note about Fitting In or Not Fitting In

The other day I got to thinking about the whole concept about fitting in or not fitting in. You know, along the concept of do you want to be one of the cool kids or not.

Personally, no I don't really care if I'm one of the cool kids or not. I prefer having a few really good friends rather than many, not so good, friends. To me though, it seems like the whole concept of fitting in or not fitting in also applies to the social media platforms.

Are you popular/interesting enough to get a lot of followers? So that this way your posts might get seen, just maybe? 

horse painting by Gunilla Wachtel

Same really for some of the print platforms, because as most of us know, you need to be able to drive your own traffic there. If you don't, you are very likely to get lost in the sea of items. You'll be hollering, hey, hello! I'm over here! It might not be so much people don't care about what you say, perhaps it is mostly they don't know you exist.

In that sense I would rather just list prints on my own website. That way at least when I do manage to get traffic to my website, it's to my website and not 50 different recommended items from other sellers.

That leads me back to trying to figure out the print situation here. Don't get me wrong, I think platforms such as Fine Art America, Zazzle, Redbubble etc can be awesome. And if you can manage to get traffic to your site you might be able to make a bundle there.

For right now, I have some of my prints listed on Fine Art America, so if you are interested in seeing what I have listed there, make sure to check it out from the navigation menu (More Venues).

Horse pencil drawing - Trust - Gunilla Wachtel

Gunilla Wachtel
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