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As you may have noticed, we've been doing some changes to the website recently. We are still offering prints, but have also added a few, especially selected, original artworks.

Taking a step back. Regrouping.

My art marketing needs a re-focus. I've found that for some time now I spend all my time marketing with not much results to show for it. I need to be able to work on my artwork so that I can improve my skills as well.

I don't like to take to a step back. I have a charge ahead personality. However, for at least a little bit I think I need to re-arrange my schedule so that the art actually gets done sometimes too. Especially since hubby just helped me set it up so that I can airbrush upstairs! (More on that in another newsletter or blog post).

Although I think eBay can be an awesome sales venue, it has not seemed to work for us lately and I need to focus my business efforts on the website instead. We will be taking a considerable break from doing eBay auctions.


I love to draw and paint all sorts of animals. Horses do have a very special and dear place in my heart though, so most my artwork will focus on equine art. Pencil drawings will be the focused technique for now.

Featured Art Print

Fit for Fight. A print of an original Pencil Drawing.


Behind the Scenes - Creative Dabble Time

Airbrushing is another art technique I love. I'm thinking this will be for just fun, at least at first. There hasn't been much room in the garage for my supplies there, so having the studio set up for it upstairs, is super awesome!

Airbrush paints

Some of my airbrush paints and other airbrush supplies. Yes, that is a blue respirator mask. Love it, love it, love it! I had to order it online though, regular hardware stores don't usually sell my size mask and usually only the standard gray color.

Don't try to do everything at once. Wah.

Yeah.... that is going to be a challenge. However, there has been a lot going on in the past year or so and I need to get my art mojo back. You may have noticed there hasn't been too many new art prints added.

This is pretty much a one person business so far, so I handle almost all departments. If delegating were more of a possibility I would definitely delegate some of the non artwork related things.

Hopefully I'll be able to go horseback riding more this year. I think that will help in getting my art mojo back.

Gunilla Wachtel Trail ride Horseback Riding Kanweienea Kreations

A Big Goal.

Ever since I can remember I wanted my own horse. I've mentioned before that I spent many years horseback riding and working with horses. Then life happened and there wasn't time and for sure not enough money. 

My goal this year is the same as it's always been, my very own horse. As I get older, this goal becomes increasingly more important. Horses fulfill my soul, they bring me joy and they complete me as a person.

More Sales.

You know, I ask for the same gift every birthday. Every holiday. If you ask my hubby, he will probably say I hint or straight out ask almost every day. A horse. A horse. Please?

It mostly comes down to the recurring upkeep costs. My art business needs to be able to support the upkeep (and preferably the cost of the horse itself too!). I couldn't bear buying the horse only to not afford to keep it. We keep our animals, that's just how it is.

This leads to my next point. I need to make room for more artworks so I will want to, and have room for, making new art. 

These art cards were first presented to newsletter subscribers. They are now being posted in blog posts. You can make an offer through the contact page on this site. I plan to try and mention other ACEO art cards in another newsletter, so sign up now if you didn't before.

ACEO horse drawing Gunilla Wachtel

You can make me an offer via contact page on the website

There is no saying how long these art cards may or may not be available. All I can say is, don't delay in making an offer on these if you are interested. These cards could be gone in a day, it could be a week, or if not sell by then they might be sold on another venue for example.

By you purchasing any of these cards, you are supporting my work as well as helping me make room for new artwork!

Thank you!

Gunilla Wachtel ~ Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.
Kanweienea Kreations

Contact us to inquire about any originals for sale.

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