Another Page From My Sketchbook

It was a busy day here today. I got a chance to practice some more quick pencil sketch techniques. Although some of these are more difficult for me to do, I enjoy the challenge and besides, I think it's probably good to practice these anyways.

I usually prefer to sketch with a lighter pencil, but with these quick sketches I tend to use a darker pencil. The darker pencil does not have to be applied at full value and makes it easier to just use the one pencil.

A page from my sketchbook - Gunilla Wachtel

As you can see I tend to write down notes in my sketchbooks too.

I started trying to post daily here but today, again, the Shopify blog is eating my blog posts up. Fortunately I kept the page open this time so that I can just copy/paste my work. It is not saving the post as it should. (If you are wondering, I have already contacted Shopify support in regards to this before).

Enjoy your day!

Kanweienea Kreations
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