Art Study - Progress Update

Generally speaking, I really prefer drawing animals to people. That being said, I think it's good to expand one's skill levels with different drawing subjects.

This art study project, although challenging, is starting to come along quite nicely I think. I see some things I need to adjust, but that's for another day.

art study sketch pencil art Gunilla Wachtel

After I took the picture of the art sketch here I realized that the one eye really needed adjusted. I just had to fix it!

Art Study Sketch Update Gunilla Wachtel

Here I tried to fix the eye and do some other minor adjustments as well.

The camera can be real finicky with lighting. I can only adjust so much in Photoshop and still have the shading still look accurate. The photography set up isn't done yet for the studio, but I do have plans for trying to set something up.

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