Artwork in Progress - Chief Wolf Robe

Hey everyone,

So if I got paid a penny for each time the Samsung keyboard crashed or I got distracted by a cute kitty who was scratching. Or she said hi to her sister and then jumped up on something to lay down. Or if she then was just super cute, then I would be set. The studio helpers are just awesome.

In the Studio

For a few days end of September, I've had some pretty bad wrist pain in my right wrist. Fortunately, I am left-handed so I can least still keep drawing. It is pretty amazing doll how much I really do use my right for many things and like many left-handed people I am quite ambidextrous.

Consequently, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out where in the world my microphone key went to on my phone. I will try to mention how to find it in another blog post.

So let me show you something I've been working on recently.

Chief Wolf Robe Portrait Artwork in progress - Kanweienea Kreations Gunilla Wachtel

This is a pencil portrait I'm working on it send a practice study or art study if you will.

I don't draw too many people but it's a challenge and I think that it is good to go outside your comfort zone sometimes when it comes to drawing because it just adds to the overall skill set.

I hope this inspires you!

Gunilla Wachtel
Dynamic animal drawings that deepen and strengthen your connection to animals.
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.
Kanweienea Kreations

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