Artwork in Progress - Conch Shell Drawing

Continuing on the marine life/beach theme, here are some more progress pictures for the conch shell drawing. Hope you like it!

In the Studio

I took a few more pictures of this drawing as I was working on it, but my phone has started to take more blurry pictures than before (using same technique and lighting). I scrapped some of those pictures. They looked good on the phone but once uploaded. Yikes. Uh. no. Anyways, here is a picture of the artwork in progress.

Conch shell drawing artwork in progress Gunilla Wachtel

Random Thoughts and Not So Random Thoughts

Okay, okay, where are the horses??? You may wonder. Oh yeah. They are still in progress. I'm working on a new series of horse drawings. Can't tell you too much yet other than working on rough sketches etc and more detailed concept sketches. Gotta share that with newsletter subscribers first! :)

Also, yeah I really want you to visit the blog first, rather than social media. What would make you use the website/blog as your primary means of finding out what is going on behind the scenes here?

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